A Modern Storyteller and the Video Medium – Ben Brzowski

In today’s popular culture, at least in the United States, we are inundated with media in all its myriad forms. Chief among these, it seems, is video. We see videos many times a day, and then some more than others. Be it via the internet or television, even walking down a street, we are exposed to the video medium in more ways than we can even count. This not only indicates its popularity, but the most intricate problem surrounding it: how does one set themselves apart in a world already flooded with the form?

Perhaps this is only true for me, but the most intimidating (and simultaneously fascinating) aspect of storytelling through video is the ways in which a storyteller must separate themselves from the rest of the pack. We’ve already come up with a rough summary of the things you need to get your work attention which includes a good hook, an effective appeal to your target audience, an interesting narrative. Looking at these things, it begs the question how much can we rely on formulas and algorithmic approaches to art? And how much of it is the unique vision of the artist (in our case storyteller) themselves? Personally, it seems to require a much larger quantity of the latter.


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