Stories Through Video – Becky Lin

I remember watching Barney and Sesame Street as a child, plopped down in front of the TV. Disney movies swallowed my consciousness and despite the my younger self not entirely understanding what was going on I ultimately understood what a princess was and who it was, who the prince was and who the villain was. As I grew older, I was exposed to more movies which was my primary exposure to video back then. Upon entering middle school I discovered this thing called YouTube and dismissed it because it didn’t feel like anything big to me back then. It wasn’t long before I was reintroduced to YouTube as my primary source for videos. Since then, I’ve been flooded by countless video stories in the forms of vlogs, parodies, short films, commentary to list only a few. There are countless sources of inspiration and material that I can learn from at the touch of my fingers now in terms of video.

Despite that, one thing I find that I struggle with is transitions. In visual storytelling using purely images and visuals transitions are important but weakness in transitions won’t be as prominent as in video storytelling. This is the main thing that makes me nervous. Transitions are key to storytelling, especially with video which has the added dimension of time. A clumsy transition easily taints the story being told despite the plot and the characters because transitions are how the story is told. If the story isn’t conveyed to the audience well then the story will be in vain.

Regardless of the difficulties of video storytelling, video storytelling in the digital storytelling world holds a very special place. It goes beyond just sound. Beyond still images. It pairs two of the major senses that we use to consume stories and most of the times a little more. Image can stand by itself but video allows for movement. Movement adds an entire dimension to the story because that is how something comes to life and the very ability to convey this additional dimension is what makes video storytelling so precious to the world of digital storytelling.


One thought on “Stories Through Video – Becky Lin

  1. meaganmthornton March 6, 2015 / 3:24 am

    I would have to agree with you. I’m new to this world of video and hope to learn the art of transitions. Because good transitions are truly art! – Amber Sandberg


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