Visual Storytelling- Steven Witkowski

When I was 13 I asked my parents for a video camera. I remember them questioning me, “Why do need a video camera?”
“What are you planning on taking video of?”
I had no idea at first but I told them I just think it’d be fun to have one just in case something comes up. I think that is what had them worried so much, and I can’t say I didn’t have some wild ideas to put my camera to use but they all seemed so far fetched. I wasn’t going to make a movie and had no significant plans for the camera; I just wanted to be able to look back at myself and the people I knew at that time. I finally got a camera and I did just that. I took a lot of meaningless video of my friends, a lot of vacation videos, and just had fun trying to capture moments I thought might be interesting to look back at later on. Before high school ended, my camera had broken and ever since I’ve been sitting on all my old mini tapes not knowing what to do with them.
I’m sure it won’t be that hard but until now I hadn’t cared to try and develop these old videos further so I haven’t even looked into it. In the spirit if this class I think taking old video from anywhere like those seen on History channel or old sports events on youtube and posting historical shots online and sharing it with everyone for the first time is one of the greatest features of our digital landscape. There are videos online right now with millions of views that prior to sites hosting video may had been seen be far less people simply because it wasn’t accessible. Video is such a unique time capsule and places you in a story like no other medium can pictures you can hear, words coming from mouths not pages, and pure sound from another time and place. The people who made these videos most likely never envisioned their work would be available to anyone at anytime. I know personally I hadn’t thought of sharing my videos with many people, but in our world today it seems like a crime not to share any clip of meaningless footage with everyone you possibly can. I know now that more important than just sharing these old videos is presenting them in a way that I can tell a great story. I’d like to be able to take footage from whatever history and be able to tell a different story with it through editing techniques and incorporating familiar sound to convey whatever message I feel fit the video. Just like there are two sides to every story I feel like there must be two sides to each video. Learning to manipulate raw video to tell my own story is what I’m most excited for and I’m  curious to learn what others might find valuable in video and storytelling.


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