Video Storytelling – Shared Experiences – Amy Garcia

When I was about 17 I began watching a lot of video bloggers on YouTube. What intrigued me about them is the interaction they had with the people watching them, they felt more accessible than the people you see on TV. Also you could interact with the other people watching the same videos. Because of this communities began to be built around content creators, and content creators collaborated to make larger communities. I started a video blog about three years later talking about myself sometimes but mainly I talked about Pokemon. It was interesting because I used video to communicate with an audience, that at its largest was about 4,000 viewers, I read comments and looked at the statistics that YouTube gave back to me to improve my content. Eventually I stopped making videos, I just didn’t have the the time to invest in the hobby that gave me a niche on YouTube. Since then I have acquired better equipment for video making but I still don’t know much about how to use it. Also I am curious about any video techniques that make a short video more effective, what are the keys to pacing? People in general, spend a significant amount of time engaged with video mediums of storytelling, whether it’s on TV, online, or in movies.From my experience, while a passable video quality is important, an emotional connection is even more important, whether that emotion be happiness from a funny video, awe from an impressive video or empathy because of a vulnerable video. The connection to each other as people through video is powerful because of how vivid the shared experience is that we get from it. We don’t just experience the same image, or same words when we watch a video, we experience watching the same facial expressions, the same music, the same sequence of images, the same tone of voice.


One thought on “Video Storytelling – Shared Experiences – Amy Garcia

  1. meaganmthornton March 7, 2015 / 2:58 am

    Great blog. I didn’t see a reference to a specific example, but I loved the content. You did a great job of articulating the power of film. I do agree that film possess a power that image and vocal stories lack, but I particularly enjoyed the way you worded it.

    -Codey Herrera


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