Video Storytelling: Moving Forward From the Past – Stephanie Hunter

My experience with video storytelling is very limited. My experience with video production is limited to my sister’s ice skating performances and piano recitals and even then I was just watching the results. I don’t really even watch videos on youtube. Consequently, coming up with a fantastic video story example that wasn’t a featured story was really difficult. With the suggested genres, I found the “Friends Furever” Android commercial and loved it. I was surprised by the complex message the simple, one minute video created.

My questions are pretty basic:

  • If you’re video is a compilation of other media, (photos, videos, music, animation), how do you create balance and maintain quality?
  • How do you make sure the videos you piece together are of an equivalent resolution so you produce good cuts?
  • How/where is the best place to search for media to incorporate into a video?

I think video can be important to storytelling because it can combine the power of audio, and visual storytelling to relay a story on a deeper level. Video can imply more meaning with less actual content due to tone and empathy. It can be intoxicating to an audience. Video is a storytelling medium that largely control’s the audiences experience by dominating the senses. It is a one way conversation. But unlike written, audio and visual stories that have conversational roots in the past, digital video storytelling is a conversation rooted in the present and directed to the future. It is the melting pot of storytelling and the next genre of storytelling will most likely rise from its dynamic depths.


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