Visual Storytelling – Ben Holland

I often receive links to videos that my wife sends me, which are usually inspirational or hilarious videos from FaceBook. They’re always the typical dog-befriends-a-lion video, or a-cop-saves-an-old-lady, but either way, they always tell a really cool story. I think we are starting to realize, as video creation becomes easier and more natural, that video is a very inherent form of storytelling. It can often be the stem of a creative tree, that maybe only starts as an idea and someone with an iPhone.

I remember in middle school I became friends with a group of kids who were very into video creation. One of our friends’ dad owned a junkyard, so we would spend hours and hours after school making the most ridiculous parodies. I remember one movie we concocted was a remake of the music video for Disco Inferno. We raided our parents’ closets and costume bins for 70s outfits, and lip synced the words. Springing out of piles of old tires and setting trash on fire and jumping through it, we knew we were the real deal. After that summer, we didn’t really talk anymore. We weren’t friends at school. Frankly, none of us ever got involved in the movie industry. But the next summer, we reconvened somehow, and made even more ridiculous memories and music videos.

Since then, video has always been a passion of mine. I thoroughly enjoy editing and filming things, although I never suspect I’ll pursue it as a lifelong endeavor–just a sideline hobby.


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