Noah Bailey – My time working on the set of “Zombie Hunter”.

I am a film major and so I’ve had plenty of experiences with video storytelling over the years. Probably the most memorable of these was when I ended up being asked to play the role of a featured zombie in a locally produced (straight to video) horror film called Zombie Hunter, starring Danny Trejo and an Australian actor named Martin Copping. In the film, I engage with Martin Copping’s character (by trying to attack him) and end up shooting myself in the head with a sawed off shotgun. To get the shot the director wanted we had to do at least ten takes of the fight scene (which was choreographed on location). The scene took place on location at an old abandoned gas station. I arrived on location early in the morning and spent five hours getting into the makeup which was made of gelatin and covered my entire face and neck. I was fitted with acrylic teeth and covered in cocoa powder (dirt), fake blood, pink “zombie blood” and jerry curl (more dirt / mud). I spent another six hours wearing the makeup outside in 40 degree weather prior to filming my scene which took two hours to get in the can. The whole process was insane and it really opened my eyes to the reality of independent film making on a tiny budget. It was a wonderful experience. The film itself is, uh…interesting. It premiered at Fantasia International Film Festival in Canada. If any of you are curious in watching, it is available for streaming on Netflix. I am the first zombie to attack the hero character of “Hunter” in the gas station…you’ll know because I’m the only character that commits suicide in the film. Not sure if I should be proud of that or not. Haha!


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