visual storytelling reflection- Erynn Pontius

I have always enjoyed photography and the areas involving visual storytelling but I always disconnected these mediums with my idea of what writing and what that type of storytelling entails. I was surprised by how much could be said through pictures and graphics without reading a single word. Now I see how being proficient with this type of art can greatly contribute, affect, and interact with words. Visual storytelling can be very powerful and can be understood across cultures. When we looked around the room at everyone’s work I was very impressed by the talent and diversity of projects everyone had done, I think this example alone shows how vast visual storytelling can be.

For myself I now can incorporate visual storytelling into my own personal projects and know how to integrate them in new and interesting ways.  I would like to continue to experiment with graphics and photographs and watch how they are used and manipulated through new digital spaces. I wish we would have learned a few more tools and tricks to editing and that stage of the process. I am still curious as to how to create different types of visuals through more complicated software, but I know that type of art requires a more in-depth course.


One thought on “visual storytelling reflection- Erynn Pontius

  1. meaganmthornton March 11, 2015 / 3:29 am

    I noticed the diversity of the class’s work as well, which got me thinking about the many styles that visual storytelling has. We certainly explored a lot of visual story types in class, but looking around at the projects widened this pool in my mind. I had never really categorized all those visual types into the story category…until now. – Breanna Larson


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