Image Project Reflection- Steven Witkowski

Dwight love


After completing our image project I have a new appreciation and respect for the wonderful people that fill my facebook page, and twitter feed full of clever, witty, and often times perfectly current memes. My first rough attempt at formulating memes was, for me,  a grand realization of how tough it can be to be funny via meme. When we were introduced to the project my subject Brian Williams was all over the news, radio and late night TV show monologues  and I could’ve assumed most of the audience could relate to a meme jokingly portraying him. However, as time  and news media zooms quickly past any relevant issue of today and on to tomorrow the humor associated with the story of any subject diminishes. So much of what goes into  the best memes is when you see them and how current the story is. The project was laid back and I had plenty of time to create the memes, but as time went on I realized that the story needed more than I had originally planned on to make it funny again. It made me think a lot about timing of jokes and how important it is that the idea is new to you to induce laughter or make you think something is funny at all. So many great jokes have now become meaningless through time, or even just been retold so many times they go from being a great joke or topic to all of a sudden nobody wants to hear about it because it was overdone or simply wasn’t very funny to begin with and now they’re not funny at all. With all that being said there are also timeless joke, and timeless memes all the like. Is Kermit the frog drinking a cup of tea to express “that’s none of my business” one of these timeless jokes? Not likely, although admittedly I love seeing them and I can’t see an end for them in the near future. Meme’s can repurpose a joke or a subject and retell it to be funny in a way no other platform has been able to do before and they can be as easily developed or well thought out as you choose. With this project I ended up wanting more time, but that was only because the joke had changed, so with that I think I discovered that meme’s could serve as a useful too to re-tell old jokes or repurpose current jokes to make them my own which was a great lesson.


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