Visual Storytelling Reflection – Amber Sandberg

The assignment for today’s Blog Post (in all caps because Blog Posts are written for Points), is all about visual storytelling. The ideas to address are: how do I see myself using visuals to tell stories, do I have any questions, and what do I wish would have been explored more thoroughly. These thought-prompts lead me to believe that the semester is coming to a close.   And so soon!

I maintained my own blog for years, and would often use visuals and such to add to word stories, but I don’t know that I had ever used a visual image or video on its own to tell a story. As I gaze into my crystal-visual-storytelling ball, I’m told (cosmically, of course) that the future will hold more of the same.   Visuals will continue to add an additional layer to my word stories. In my professional world, I see a lot of the same. Communication is no longer about the lone text and sentence. In this new(ish) digital age, visuals are a necessary element to most communication. It’s fast and it’s entertaining and it communicates more effectively.

In regard to questions that relate to the thorough digital-ness of Writing 3040, I would say that video needs the most time. We are just getting started, but I can tell that it’s going to be a project several times as complicated as the projects we have done in this past. As I haven’t yet jumped in with both feet, I am unable to ascertain how much time is needed for this mode of storytelling. We shall see!

To close this beloved Blog Post, I’ll you with a visual from March 24, 2010, in the which I tell the story of how the newspaper person nearly struck me dead one early morning, and how a police person was there to pull him over and give him a hollering. This image is pretty sad. (I’ve learned enough in this class to recognize the error of my pre-Writing 3040 ways!)

Screen Shot 2015-03-11 at 12.23.22 PM


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