Visual Storytelling – Sara Haller

It was good for me to reflect on visual storytelling through this project and how much it is being used today. I think it is growing bigger and bigger and will continue to do so. I was just thinking about this because my sister is a social media marketing major at LDS Business College and we were discussing companies that are effectively marketing on social media. She mentioned that Taco Bell is one of the few companies who early on figured out how to do well on Instagram. We began looking at their feed to see what it is about them that has gotten a following.

We realized that the visuals is what brought something like Taco Bell totally alive. Instagram itself is an example of a social media app that went wild because it took the idea of Facebook but then focused more on the visuals. Even Facebook slowly adapted to this demand for images because when they first began, pictures were much smaller and less accessible. Over time they added photo covers, enlarged pictures, and gave viewers much more access to visuals. This added to their success and allowed them to stay relevant.


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