Visual Storytelling – Becky Lin

The visual storytelling project was an amazing experience that I took a lot from. Partially because I invested a great deal of time and effort into it (I painted my project from scratch through a digital painting program called Paint Tool SAI) and like many things, what you take from something is proportional to the amount of time and effort you put into it. I definitely learned somethings about visuals as well as myself through this project.

I realized that though I knew about how color influences an image, I wasn’t aware to what extent it can change the image and the message of the image until I had to apply colors myself. It was something else on top of angle, perspective, and the material content of the image that I had not expected to be a hurdle. My initial attempt to throw colors onto a piece left me with a piece that was acceptable at first glance but left a feeling of something being out of place, mismatched forcing  me to scrap it in the end. Colors actually mattered! Naive as that may sound, hearing about it and actually experiencing it working against you were two completely different matters, like comparing being nudged by a hammer and being slammed to the ground with a hammer. You’re still being moved around by the hammer and you’re aware of it, but the level can’t even compare.

A really difficult obstacle that I faced was which style I should paint the objects in as well as the perspectives to place them in. Style was something that I was aware would affect how the objects are portrayed in a meaningful way. In the end, I chose a slightly messier style which despite how it sounds was probably as time consuming as a neat, line-to-line style. The reason I chose this was to express the fact that they were part of my memories and so are distorted slightly in color and shape. Perspective was a major issue and I believe I could have done better in terms of perspective for most of the pieces. Perspective puts into context many things about the story being told such as who the main character is, how they saw things, at what angle did they see things, and ultimately has the potential to add a lot to the story as well as the potential to offset it. In conclusion, color and perspective are two things that I will try to improve on now that I’m more aware of their weight in an image as well as their potential.


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