Visual Storytelling Reflection- Adam Namba

What I learned about visual storytelling is that I learned that pictures can be more important than words and sound because in a picture it can show a thousand different words or sounds by what the audience thinks about it.  Also visual storytelling has a big impact on social media today by that people post pictures on instagram, facebook, twitter, and snapchat by showing what they did today, yesterday, or even a year ago.   Visuals have became stories now in our lifetime, because with all of the technology that we have and can use to make really good pictures or even stupid ones that it can make a story out of the simplest of things.  One last thing is that people can make their images more in depth to show what they are feeling or what point they are trying to cross to the audience.

I see myself using visual for storytelling is that I would use it to make my comment or point that I am making so the audience can see what my words actually mean.  Or I can use visuals in storytelling by having people making their own story to see how many different stories they can use with that one picture or even sequences of pictures.

Some questions I have still about images and storytelling is that how can one person make such a big story out of one image?

Questions I have about what areas of sound we wish we would have explored more are that how can we find sounds that can make the audience make a image or video out of that sound or sounds.


One thought on “Visual Storytelling Reflection- Adam Namba

  1. meaganmthornton March 13, 2015 / 3:50 am

    I agree visual messages are prevalent in social media. I also agree that image can be a powerful communicator. I really like your ideas about ways to use visual storytelling in the future. I especially like your idea to let the audience form their own personal stories from reflection on your images. I was so concerned with structure and the presentation of my own message that i didn’t consider the beauty of letting the audience form their own stories. The idea allows a lot more creative freedom. Thanks for sharing! – Steph Hunter


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