Visual Storytelling Reflection – Alexander Lewandowski

After finishing up this section of the class, I felt like I came away with a basic, but well-workable knowledge of effective visual storytelling that extends from the physical nuts-and-bolts of what makes up the image, to how to effectively create a visual story. Even though I’m fairly happy with my final visual project, my next ones will probably greatly improve on what I learned with hands-on work.

As for what I see myself using these skills for, I will probably end up using a bit of visual storytelling for my final project. While my ideas for that are still more or less up in the air, I plan on doing some sort of choose-your-own adventure text story that could easily incorporate both sound and image. Beyond that, I also plan on trying to use my visual storytelling skills to aid in the construction of my group website for my web design class.

Regarding any remaining questions that I still have about images and storytelling, I really don’t have many that I couldn’t find answers for outside of class. I felt that I received a good foundation on which I can build future attempts at visual storytelling as I see fit, and considering how much material this class has to cover in such a short time, I’m satisfied.

With areas I wish we explored in more detail, however, I suppose I would have liked it if we spent a little more time on the details of our visual storytelling assignment. I really found myself getting tripped up while attempting to figure out what to create, and I think greater detail, coupled with some student examples in the future, would remedy this.


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