Visual Storytelling Reflection – Davor Simunovic

Frankly, I am the type of person who doesn’t have an eye for imagery, or aesthetics for that matter. Assignments based on my competency to properly produce visual compositions had always plagued me – so as usual, I came upon frustrations pretty quickly.  I hit a split in the early stages of my image project: whether to re-purpose or self-produce. I chose to self-produce, thinking that I would have the creative ease. I had my initial idea ready to go; the target audience had been decided, and the ball was set to roll. A little bit of research, and the data collection was done. All I needed now was to execute my idea via the visual mode.

I chose to inform rather than persuade, educate rather than entertain, and tell story through inference not narrative. I mocked up a draft: Luck vs. Skill in Gaming. All and all, it developed itself into a decent visual, with a cogent message. I was ultimately satisfied with the final product. I took a few that I knew best and combined them. In choosing to self-produce, I felt that the creative was fully met; I had the affordance of choosing my topic, genre, means of production, implementation, and use of design elements. My frustrations have settled – the visual is not something that I am so apprehensive about . . . anymore. A good story can be told through any medium, and by any mode. I chose to produce an informative graphic, the story was in the data; the piece proved itself to be strong, concise, and direct. Good project – and personally, I prefer production over shear didactic theory.

Image Project Final


One thought on “Visual Storytelling Reflection – Davor Simunovic

  1. meaganmthornton March 14, 2015 / 3:58 am

    Unfortunately, I share your difficulty in completing visual works, and had difficulty with this assignment as well. I think your project came out rather nicely, though.
    ~Alexander Lewandowski


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