Visual Storytelling Reflection: Sheridan Dastrup

Reflect on what you have learned about visual storytelling.

I have learned how critical visual storytelling can be. By working with audio storytelling, it has shown me how much we actually use visuals to tell our story. When we worked with audio there was a lot of ambiguity. There was a lot of interpretation that went into trying to tell a story with audio. That ambiguity goes away with visuals. We are able to more clearly get our point across with visual storytelling. It is easy to explain what the story is about with the use of visuals.

How do you see yourself using visuals for your storytelling?

I see myself using visuals for storytelling more frequently than I would use just sound. Visuals are really easy to use to talk to other people and to tell stories. They are a great way to make a point quickly and to keep an audience captivated long enough to understand the story that you are telling.

What questions do you still have about images and storytelling?

I am not sure that I have any more questions about images and storytelling. I took Visual Rhetoric last semester. In Visual Rhetoric, the focus of the class was visuals and how they tell stories. We looked at minute details and how the author used them to create their story.

What areas of visuals do you wish we would have explored more in detail?

I think that it would have been nice to spend more time on how the visuals in and of themselves can be used to the fullest to tell a story. We talked a lot about how to produce visuals; we also discussed how to make visuals aesthetically pleasing so that people will want to look at them. I think that it might have been helpful to talk about how the little things make up a big story.


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