Thoughts on Video- Sara Haller

What was challenging about working only in a video medium?

I think the most challenging part about working only in the medium of video is just knowing the software in order to create it. I constantly found myself limited by my ability to create which can be extremely frustrating when working with video.

What did you enjoy about working with video?

There is a certain magic about video that makes it so fun to work with. Bringing together audio and visual can create something extremely entertaining and beautiful and it was fun for me to get to experience that. In video, as in other art forms, you’ll be working on one little part for a long time (filming, clipping, cutting, recording) and then when you hit the spacebar and watch it play back in the way you wanted it to it’s very fun.

How has your understanding of video production and its application to storytelling changed from creating this project?

To me, the medium of video seems like the most natural way to tell a story because it seems the most lifelike because our life experience is heavily based on audio and visual input. That being said I also realized that video can be very un-lifelike. In the case of my video the charm and interest of it is based on how it is based on real life and yet altered to add humor, texture, and a whole different experience. Video can be very fun for that reason.


One thought on “Thoughts on Video- Sara Haller

  1. meaganmthornton March 25, 2015 / 5:21 pm

    I am completely in agreement, accessibility and software usability were two of my biggest hurdles. Unlike the other media projects, I felt that I was severely limited by my editing abilities. Lack of video editing experience did somewhat work to my benefit; I had to adapt and alter my approach to storytelling in order to create a cogent piece of narrative.
    – Davor Simunovic


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