Video Storytelling – Breanna Larson

I find video to be particularly challenging, especially when you are doing your own filming.  It is very difficult to come up with ideas when you only have so many people who can be characters (in my case, I really only had me) and you need to find locations and know your angles and…a lot of things need to be taken into consideration and it can become tedious.  The thing that is the most frustrating is when you sit down to edit and realize that there was something you should’ve filmed, but never really got, but it’s too late because you are in the editing process.  Anyway, I didn’t have major problems really, but video is so much harder to fix than audio or image.  I also experimented with ripping footage from youtube, but because finding the right kind of video can take a long time, and because the quality was ruined during the ripping process, it became an obstacle.

The thing I like the most about video is that it incorporates image and sound, and the images are enhanced because they are moving images.  Video is what I consider to be the ultimate medium, but because it has so many elements it can be one of the most difficult ones as well.  Timing is crucial, acting is crucial, selecting the right music to match the footage is crucial…sometimes it feels impossible.  It feels pretty awesome when you finally get it right though.

I think that video’s primary use is for storytelling.  There is a reason there are so many film adaptions of books.  This project helped me to understand the difficulty of developing a story for video, and executing the story in such a way that people don’t get bored (though people still might get bored watching my video possibly…).  I still enjoy making videos though, even though it can be really hard to come up with that golden idea and have all the sources necessary to make it happen.


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