The challenges and advantages of video By Codey Herrera

The biggest challenge I encountered while working with video was learning how to use Imovie. Though the software is relatively easy to use, the minor refinements were hard and time consuming. I also didn’t feel as if using my smartphone as a video recorder was a sufficient way of filming the different frames used in my video, as it limited what could actually be done. I also did not end up finding a good way to record voice to include in my film, so I ended up just going with music in the background. My favorite part of working in video was being able to use something I love doing as the content of the story. I love calisthenics and the challenges it presents, which made this project particularly neat. My understanding didn’t deepen a whole lot, with the exception of now understanding Imovie quite a bit better. I do now have a better grasp on how frames are combined and utilized, as well as mixed with music and sound.


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