Video Medium – Erynn Pontius

Working with video was challenging because I am not as experienced and familiar with its programs. I had to use Windows Movie maker for my project which I thought was kind of a difficult program to use. I thought it was glitchy and not as professional looking as imovie. It was also more challenging than I thought to edit and make everything flow the way I wanted it too. I now have much more respect for directors and editors who work on these types of projects because they are very time-consuming.

However I did enjoy being able to try something different. I also liked being able to include music with video. I also liked having to create a storyboard and plan out my process in a new format. Even though it was very frustrating at times, I did like the editing process and rearranging clips to a final, polished finished product.

Video production is a great forum for storytelling, instead of only having one medium it included several different types of storytelling at once. Story can be produced in a whole new aspect and include so much more than other platforms can. Video can reach a much broader audience and catch more attention. I think that is why in the last few decades video has grown exponentially and become very popular. Before I didn’t realize how much work and production goes into video making, but I think videos is where most of our digital storytelling is headed in the future.


One thought on “Video Medium – Erynn Pontius

  1. meaganmthornton March 26, 2015 / 7:35 pm

    Erynn, I have had the same problems with you using Windows Movie Maker because I have never worked with video and it is kind of rough at first. I totally agree with you that I have gained so much more respect to directors and editors because video editing is so much harder than you would think. The rest of your blog is great and I agree with all of your points you made. -Adam Namba


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