Video Medium – Sheridan Dastrup

What was challenging about working only in a video medium?

It is all a challenge but not because of the video medium. I feel that the video medium incorporates a lot of useful things. It is challenging because I haven’t had a lot experience with editing video. Every other medium I have had some sort of prior experience with but the most experience that I have had with video is watching television so that has been a challenge.

What did you enjoy about working with video?          

I feel like the video medium incorporates the best of all of the mediums. You can show what you want your story to convey through images. You have the ability to explain what you want your story to say through using sound. One of the most unique things about video is that you also have the ability to pair it with music to further emphasize of what you want your story to say and especially feel. Music has the ability to elicit emotions. When paired with video it gives emotion to the story that you are telling. When you can use images, sound, and music in order to create the feeling and tell your story, it is very clear what you want to say because you are showing it as if the audience was there. I enjoy having this flexibility.

I also enjoyed working with editing. It is very interesting to know how much editing goes into making a video meaningful. It is also cool to be able to manipulate footage in order to express your story to its fullest capacity.

How has your understanding of video production and its application to storytelling changed from creating this project?

I hadn’t ever used video before this project so this kind of changed everything. I learned how to edit and put together clips in a meaningful way. It also showed me how much people use editing to express what they want the audience to understand. While having a single shot can be very useful, editing really makes a video come to life.


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