Video Storytelling-Adam Namba

The thing that I thought was challenging about only working in a video medium, is that if you are trying to tell a video story by using images you need to make sure to find a story from those images and add music and narration.  Also another thing that was challenging about only working with a video medium is that you got to make sure you add sound/music, transitions between each clip or image, make sure the audio sounds good with the video, and also to make sure that everything is on point with everything in the video.

The things that I enjoy about working with video is that you can do so many more stuff with videos than the other projects we have used.  Also we can use older projects we have done this semester and add those into the video and make it into a good video.  Another thing that I liked about working with video is that there are so many different tools to fix and make your video look good such as putting in transitions between clips or images, adding music from clip to clip, adding audio into it, making videos, and put whatever you want into it.

My understanding of video production and its application to storytelling has changed from creating this project by that in video production is very valuable to making a good story.  By that you need to have a good transition from audio to music, clip to clip, image to image and also from beginning to end.  Then what I learned by applying video production to storytelling is that video production makes the story better by adding those little things into your video and by making it a story.


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