Video Storytelling – Alexander Lewandowski

While I haven’t had much experience in any of the mediums we’ve covered this class, I found video to be the most difficult since it combines both visuals and sound. I had difficulty through nearly all steps of the assignment, from deciding what to do to finally creating the video assignment, and I still need to create an ending to wrap up the assignment.

As for more specific steps in the project, I found getting my material slightly difficult due to the independence (and therefore unreliability) of cats, and spent a while trying to find a good computer narration program. On a side note, I also found working with the large size of my iMovie (about 300 or so MB) frustrating because it was next-to-impossible to email and would clog up my Dropbox.

As for what I enjoyed about working with video, I suppose I more or less liked the project simply because it was something new and exciting that I had never done before. Working in iMovie was interesting, and trying to find and film cats was an adventure of its own, but besides that, there wasn’t very much I liked about this project. I even had difficulties showing it in peer review because I’m extremely self-conscious.

Lastly, my understanding of video production has changed dramatically throughout this project. At first I thought that even making an edited video was easy, but now I realize just how much thought and time goes into it. As for the application to storytelling, I suppose I now realize firsthand exactly how I can use video for my own storytelling, both now and in the future.


2 thoughts on “Video Storytelling – Alexander Lewandowski

  1. meaganmthornton March 27, 2015 / 1:46 am

    I also thought this was challenging and exciting at the same time. I enjoy learning something new, whether it be software or a process. The challenging thing about this project was the need to produce something good (because I like to produce things that are good), and when you go out trolling for ideas, there’s so much out there. It’s overwhelming! I had remind myself continually that this was my first project. – Amber Sandberg


  2. meaganmthornton March 28, 2015 / 12:56 am

    I found myself facing the same challenges too! I found combining images (particularly moving ones) and audio a particularly difficult task. Especially when I realized that I had to pay attention to how things were timed and transitions.


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