Video Storytelling – Amber Sandberg

What is challenging about working only in a video medium? What isn’t challenging about working in a video medium! I found the whole process challenging. Coming up with a story was difficult, and then coming up with a story I could actually do was even more difficult. I have no experience with video at all ­­– except for the practice of watching on beta, vhs, laser disc, dvd and digital – so the actual creation of a video will need to come in baby steps. For this project I figured I’d get my feet wet with a video of stills only. I’d throw in some text and sound effects. Hopefully this would help me learn the software without being too worried about video content itself. For the final project, I figured I’d dig a little deeper and take actual video.

Learning iMovie seemed simple enough, but there were a few things that caused some frustration at first. Once I fiddled about in iMovie for what seemed like hours, I caught on some and actually enjoyed working with the software. I’ve made plans for more videos of my own outside of the class.

My understanding of video product has only increased a small amount, yet I’ve adopted an enormous appreciation for all videos and movies made. The details can be overwhelming. There’s lighting and camera angles and dialogue and sound affects and music to consider. There’s also timing and transition and pacing and tracking and editing! It’s all very overwhelming. I have watched a movie or two in the last week, and I will say that I notice more now. I notice the sound effects and I notice the camera angles used and I also think about the decisions made for each tiny detail of the movie. I also wonder how much of these grand-scale products are planned out in advance and how much of it is added on the fly. I assume there’s more planning than flying, but it’s all so very fun to consider.


One thought on “Video Storytelling – Amber Sandberg

  1. meaganmthornton March 27, 2015 / 9:36 pm

    I’m happy that I own a Mac and was able to have access to iMovie at home, especially considering some of our fellow students’ experiences with Windows Movie Maker have not been positive. I also agree with your expanded appreciation for just how much production goes into these projects. I never really imagined it before.

    ~Alexander Lewandowski


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