Video Storytelling – Hannah Marble

As a medium of storytelling, video is extremely effective and exciting. After working with and discussing the multiple facets that make up the video storytelling gem, is that video encompasses a huge chunk of platforms. During our discussions on excellent video examples there were different platforms for each video. I think it is challenging to use video because so much has to be considered when creating a story line. There has to a be a clear stream of thought that directs how the video will come together, specifically the choices made in order to convey the story.

I never realized how much there is behind a simple video, every aspect has to be considered and reconsidered. IN our past two assignments the element of first, audio, and second image had to be considered, this third example utilizes all three all at the same time. Which gives video a dynamic that is unmatched by the others.  I found it interesting also how personal insertions can be read from the choices that the video creator makes. How do specific choices reflect onto deeper meanings?

The last aspect of video that I found both interesting and tedious is the fact that in order to create a piece of video work that looks pulled together and beautifully done, small aspects matter the most. The transitions, the audio choices, what tempo and consistency the video takes. The smallest aspect of a video could make the biggest difference. I think that is what I found most interesting and I have reflected back on in this video project is how the smallest of details could be improved or changed in order to create a better story and therefore a better video example.


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