In Between the Medium of Film – Michael S. Webster

This is the first time I have worked behind the curtain with film in this form.  I’ve been in front of the camera as an actor and I’ve been behind the scenes as a writer.  I haven’t been the director, cameraman, and editor.  It definitely was an experience. In some ways it is like working with images you are manipulating or re-purposing.  You have to find the right images (location), get the right placement (shot angle), right placement (actual scene), and ensure it is placed where it needs to be (editing).  Working with sound is also the same way.  The right soundscape/background (location), the right vocalizations/sounds (angle), etc.  Add both of these and you get video. The difficulties I had in this were mainly with the shots I had to create myself.  The script was literally a no-brainer, as I had the general idea of what I wanted to do.  But, I had to find actors.  Here I found my good friends Alex and Anne.  Not professional actors by any means, I still really REALLY appreciated their help.  I don’t think anyone would have wanted to see me posing on a bed . . . even with clothes.   Okay, I just creeped myself out a bit. The actually filming was bit slip shod as I was using a digital camera better suited for snapshots and the occasional home movie clip.  A few steps above a smartphone, but floors below an actual video camera.  The microphone was weedy, so with sub-par video, I got dub-par audio.  At least on the parts I had to film.  The parts I scavenged from other sources were the easy part, as I knew what I wanted, but also difficult as I couldn’t include all I wanted due to time constraints. I had once helped a friend who, in a film class at that U had to make a film of his own.  Using a script I wrote, he filmed it using me and his two kids.  Certainly the Hollywood axiom of not working with kids and dogs is true.


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