Video Project Assessment-Adam Namba

Video Project Assessment

The premise of my video story was to tell the story of our big blue stuffed monkey named Precious.  One morning during our Spring Break trip, we all woke up and saw a giant blue stuffed monkey sitting on our deck.  What most college students would do with a big blue stuffed monkey on Spring Break is take it to the beach and have fun with it.  We were having a great time with Precious by playing with it in the sand, taking pictures and just carrying it around.  Then Precious turned for the worst and started to turn real and  was speaking to us.  Then we realized that this what exactly happened in the Planet of the Apes with Caesar but it was happening with a big blue stuffed monkey.  We finally realized what we had to do before Precious could get out of hand, so we had to destroy it.  After a long battle, we won but we lost a dear friend but it was for the best.

I used my photos and footage to create a video narrative by showing pictures of us playing with Precious and also pictures of us beating up precious.  Which by these pictures I wanted to show the day we spent with Precious and how it turned out to be at the end of the day.  The video I used in the story is a trailer from The Planet of the Apes to show what we were thinking that was going to happen to us if we didn’t destroy Precious right away.  Then I added a couple of pictures to show about our love for precious and also what Precious looked like after the big battle.

The rhetoric elements that I used to help production of my story are that the salience of my story was to show the story of Precious and what happened during that day with Precious.  I also used text to show what was happening in that clip and what we were thinking during it.  Then I try to use some brighter colors to show Precious more in the photos.

The use of editing tools help me shape my video story because I used transitions for all of my clips just so there wasn’t any weird space in between clips and also to make the video have a good flow.  Other tools that helped my shape my video is the caption tool to write different captions down for clips I needed to put writing in.  Another tool that helped me was the Pan and Zoom tool because by having the pictures move it makes a good transition from just a sit still photo to a clip.  Then finally the music tools helped out a lot because I could put the certain type of music in certain parts of the video and have the right part of the song in it.

Some similarities I see between a video and other traditional text mediums are that you can put text into a video and it’ll show the audience what you are trying to say or introduce the title.  Another similarity is that with a picture you can use it into video and still have it be part of the story.  The main similarity between video and all of the other mediums is that every medium can be put into a video story and have some help making a story by adding other mediums into it.

Some of the differences that I see between video and other mediums is that a video story needs to be longer to show the premise of the story.  Also that it needs mostly all of the other mediums to make it a good video story.  Video needs a lot more editing than the other mediums because the video needs to be clean and precious to make a good video.

The role of video in meaning making and storytelling in our digital world is that I think video is the biggest medium in our digital world for storytelling.  I believe this because anytime I go on Facebook, I alway see videos of what people made, shared or even liked to show what they are thinking and feeling.  People post videos on vine which are 6 second stories of what people are doing or just posting a funny vine.  Videos are everywhere in the digital world today and more and more people are using videos to show their story around the world.  Those are my reasons why video is such a big role in the digital world today.


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