Social Media Storytelling – Michael S. Webster

Michael S. Webster
Meagan Thornton
WRTG 3040
5 April 2015
Social Media Project: Reflection
The premise of my Twitter Story is a new freshman received a mysterious full ride to Miskatonic University in Arkham, MA. As he gets to MU, strange things happen. He meets strange and enigmatic people in the form of professors and fellow students. He learns things about the Mistaktonic Valley and the secrets they hold. His life and sanity will never be the sae again. Miskatonic University and Arkham University are featured in the works of H.P. Lovecraft, an author of horror stories in the early 20th century.
The premise didn’t change with the progression of the tweets, at least not yet. However, as the story progresses it may have to undergo some modification as the 140-character limit might present some difficulties. The addition of materials such as images, video and audio will enhance the storytelling. I used images of maps of Miskatonic and Arkham to give readers the gist of the landscape where the story was taking place. Images reflecting on the locations and some of the stranger visions. Sounds will be used to enhance the creepiness of the setting.
The timing of tweets would have been of consideration had I started sooner. I would be able to time the tweets to correspond with an actual time frame. For example, I could have spaced tweets occurring in Montana and Arkham to simulate the travel time between these two locations.
Writing for Twitter and standard writing are very similar; one involved pressing the Enter key and the other has a Tweet button. 140 characters is the length of a couple sentences or a really long one. In this was they are very similar, just the manner of transmission is different. However instead of getting the entire story all at once in a conventional story, the Tweet-Story unfolds slowly and gradually, which could be made of use as increasing tension. It could also be an indication of the current culture of the micro-attentive.
Social media is filled with stories being told. From stories about reality and stories about truth. But also stories about narcissism and ego, which are also a kind of truth. Certain forms of social media lend themselves to storytelling better than others. For storytelling of the classical form in social media (not someone’s narcissistic ego-stroking begging for acceptance) will be interesting experiments to conform the tale-telling to those forms.
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