Social Media Project-Adam Namba

Adam Namba

Social Media Project/Reflection Paper




Class Tag: #Cr3040


The premise of my social media story is to show the daily life of Batman/Bruce Wayne.  In the beginning of my story I would describe his morning and also some of his work day.  Then in the middle of the day I added a tweet about Bruce doing Batman things during the middle of the day.  Then when it shifted into the night time Batman started to tweet at the Joker and then they finally meet up and fought.  After the fight, batman went back home and tweeted right before he went to bed.  The premise didn’t really change as I began writing my tweets but it just became a little rough to figure out so many tweets in such a little time.

The 140-character limitation of Twitter slightly affected my writing by that I had a lot of shorter than longer tweets but I was nervous about making a very long tweet that was a good one but couldn’t post it because it didn’t fit the 140-character limit.

I incorporated other media into my twitter story by adding images to some of my tweets to show the audience more about that tweet and also show some humour with it.  I chose this specific media for my story because on twitter images play a big role in tweets so I decided to add a couple of pictures into my tweets.  Pictures just add a little more to your tweet to make the audience member more focused on it and more intrigued.
Yes I did account for the timing of my tweets in my story because I was going through the daily life of Batman so I had to tweet the ones about what he did in the morning before the ones he tweeted about the night time.  Yes I did consider using other twitter accounts to link to my story which is what exactly what I did.  I added two other twitter accounts to my story and those accounts were the Joker and Robin.  I just felt like I needed to add in one villain that Batman fights and so I decided to put the Joker.  Then I just added Robin for a little comedic ending to the story.

By having a good relationship with the audience help me figure out what kind of story I wanted to write for my social platform and also the different tools to use to make the the story better.  Having a good relationship with the audience can influence people to write good social platforms because they know what the audience wants to see and hear.  But if you don’t have a good relationship with the audience it will be hard to figure out what to write and your story wouldn’t be as good as you want it to be.

Some of the the similarities between social media and traditional text mediums is that you still can make a story out of it if its a tweet, instagram post, or a facebook post they all tell a story.  Even with social media they use images, videos and text to make the story even better.  The differences between social media and traditional text mediums are that in social media it can be a lot harder to write a story in one tweet because it only lets you type 140-characters.  And also on instagram you can post a picture on it but it doesn’t tell a full story from one picture and one sentence of a caption you put underneath it.  Social media is a great tool for storytelling but it can be a very complicated tool for storytelling if you aren’t using it right.

Social media plays a huge role in meaning making and storytelling in our digital world because that is what many people use to try to tell their stories in Twitter, Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram, Youtube, Blogs, and many other social media tools.  Many kids and even young adults use social media to tell their life stories and they can show it in many different ways.



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