Social Media Project – Davor Simunovic Foods Critic – Davor Simunovic #cr3040 – Class Tag


The initial premise of my Twitter story was to first create an alter-ego persona, a snobby, over-the-top foods critic, and then simulate narrative through a digitally remediated review column. I wanted my social avatar to emulate someone like a Gordon Ramsey, or an Anthony Bourdain – bitter and harsh, but with authority. My tweets were to be personified callas with no disregard for comestible life. The original idea, unfortunately, had to take another turn. I originally planned on digitally accosting local Utah eateries, but since most of those advertise through twitter, I didn’t want to bring about any unwanted publicity. I ultimately had to target the big boys to insure no domestic backlash; I knew that they could take a social punch, as they often do. McDonalds, Burger King, Wendy’s, Carl’s Jr., and Taco were to be the targets of my culinary beat down. The entire gimmick of my character relied on the fact that I was to review well-known fast-food establishments (insertion of irony) and not fine wine-and-dine restaurants, and that I was to be merciless in my critique.
The 140-character limit put severe constraint on my bite-sized reviews. I couldn’t elaborate, articulate, or opine, the textual confines were too restrictive. Most of savvy expressions had to come from either concise wit, or embedded imagery. Writing with mandated brevity is just not my strongpoint. The video links became my saving grace, I was actually able to expound on my textual dishing’s.
Timing was imperative, my daily tweets had to be consistent with my food outings. Unfortunately, due to ill-planning and further time constraints, I was unable to create a realistic food feed. Additionally, I would have loved for a back and forth tweeter bate with another user, but planning and a lack of resources hindered me. A good digital foods column is one that is interactive and on-demand. I just had too far of ambitions to complete such a heady task.
The audience connection was almost non-existent. I am not incredibly familiar with the platform, so I was somewhat unaware of how to showcase my opinions. I wanted to incorporate more links, and more channels, but I just couldn’t manage the task. A few foodies did actually follow me, but in not knowing how the Twitter verse operated – I couldn’t determine if it just circumstantial. Twitter is a highly active platform, and one that facilitates social engagement, my problems occurred only because I didn’t have the pre-emptive social knowledge to maneuver.
Overall, I believe the message that I wanted to express through digital story was achieved. The compositional differences between oral, visual, and cinematic storytelling, and Twitter is immense. Twitter is also the most immediate – the response time is instant. Additionally, the first three had very loose restrictions on discursive length. Twitter is the pure definition of brevity. I will never treat 140-characters the same way ever again. Social media is a certainly the most prolific medium I have engaged so far. It’s a powerful tool that can lead to the production of powerful storytelling.
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