Digital Storytelling Example – Becky Lin

Daughter and Servant of Evil, Daughter of Green and Vengence, Prince of Blue

The Story of Evil series is a series of songs, some with and some without music videos, that tell a story from the view-points of five characters: the Daughter of Evil, the Servant of Evil, the Prince of Blue, the Daughter of Green, and the Daughter of Vengeance. Each song tells the view point of a single character and can easily stand on its own as a story but what makes this story a gem is how each story pieces into each other and how each point of view reveals the larger story of plots, love, greed, revenge, and ultimately tragedy.


The Daughter of Evil is a young girl who rules a country and gradually runs it into ruins. She had fallen in love with the Prince of Blue and sent a marriage proposal which he turned down because he had fallen in love with the Daughter of Green. Enraged that he turned down her marriage proposal, the Daughter of Evil sent the Servant of Evil (her twin brother) to go kill the Daughter of Green which he loyally obeyed. In turn, this sparked a war between the Country of Evil (the country that the Daughter of Evil was ruling) and the Countries of Blue and Green. Her people sick of their evil queen took the chance and joined the forces of the Blue and Green countries and overthrew the queen. When the angry citizens came for her head, the Servant of Evil swapped clothes with her and was captured and beheaded in her place. The Daughter of Evil then escaped to live quietly on the sea side.


The Servant of Evil is the twin of the Daughter of Evil but was denied the crown when they were much younger and so now he loyally serves by the Daughter of Evil’s side. When he was touring the Country of Green he met the Daughter of Green and they both fell in love at first sight. Because of the Daughter of Evil’s jealousy towards the Daughter of Green, she ordered him to murder the Daughter of Green which, though reluctantly, he followed. When the war broke out and the citizens turned against the queen, he swapped placed with the queen and was beheaded in her place.

The Daughter of Green is a girl from the Country of Green that was brought in to the palace for the sake of a plot to capture the attention of the Prince of Blue and in turn throw the Country of Evil into chaos. The plan went off without a hitch and she got the Prince of Blue to fall in love with her and propose to her except for one little problem: the Daughter of Green met the Servant of Evil and fell in love with him. Later when he came to kill her on the orders of his queen, she willingly gave up her life for the sake of the plot and so that she could die in her beloved’s arms.


The Prince of Blue is a prince from the Country of Blue across the sea from the Country of Green. One day when visiting the Country of Green he sees the Daughter of Green and falls in love with her at first sight. They then arrange to marry but before they can marry, his beloved Daughter of Green was murdered on orders from the Daughter of Evil. Enraged, he goes to war and joins forces with the Country of Evil’s citizens to overthrow the evil queen.


The Daughter of Vengeance is a peasant girl from the Country of Evil whose family died from starvation because of the Daughter of Evil’s luxurious life style. When war burst out between the Country of Evil and the Country of Blue, she rallied the support of the Country of Evil’s citizens and led them to overthrow their mad queen. She was hailed as a hero for bringing down the mad queen.

This series was produced using a program called Vocaloid which is a voice synthesizer program developed by Yamaha that can create songs and manipulate voice banks to sing to the song. It is available for purchase and has become wide spread in the anime and manga subculture of Japan. Since its release, many songs and stories to match them have been produced and particular producers, composers, animators, and even live singers have come together to work on projects and create stories together. The particular producer for the Story of Evil series is called Akuno_P, often referred to as Mothy, who quickly gained popularity with the Story of Evil series. He is famous for creating other stories that are generally tragedies and have a dark tone. The first part of the Story of Evil series, “The Daughter of Evil” was released in 2008 and “The Servant of Evil” was released shortly after as a response to “The Daughter of Evil” which was followed by the other songs to complete the Story of Evil. Mothy has a particular style for his song lyrics in which he directly tells a narrative with the lyrics which means that the lyrics often do not have a chorus. The Story of Evil primarily uses the medium of audio but later added in video, some of which is the work of fans of the series. is the main platform for anything vocaloid but because of its popularity, the song has also been uploaded on many sites including Youtube.

The Story of Evil has a very dark and tragic tone since it is in fact a tragedy. It primarily targets the population interested in the anime and manga subculture and probably teens who are interested in tragedies, love, and murder because let’s face it, that’s what teens love. Speculation holds that the story is primarily a commentary on vanity and pride which are part of the seven deadly sins as well as love, loyalty and greed. I personally like this series because of the way it unfolds and pieces each character’s story together to create a larger story. It’s interesting to see what each character holds dear and what they contribute to the overall story.


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