Inspirational Transmedia Pieces – Ben Brzowski

Given my limited experience with virtually any medium other than the written word, any example of digital storytelling is a learning experience for me. That being said, some are more influential than others. The greatest example of transmedia storytelling in my mind is EA’s Dead Space series

Spanning 4 games, more than 3 books, at least 2 animated short films, and still more diverse mediums are used to tell cohesive and independent stories within the universe in equal measure. Both Dead Space: Downfall and Dead Space: Aftermath continue the story of engineer Isaac Clark preceding or following (respectively) the events portrayed in the first game. The books (too many to list), do the same in the text medium.

The sci-fi/horror genre lends itself exceptionally well to the transmedia form, with the personal accounts of terrified civilians, unfeeling AI constructs, and possibly even some of the monsters themselves can be approached using the wide range of storytelling mediums available.


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