Transmedia Example – Hannah Marble

For my transmedia example, I picked a podcast that has generated several mediums of conveying the same story, even furthering the story. The story began as a podcast, titled “Serial.” This podcast was extremely successful and had quite a large following. A blog was then cultivated by it’s creators in conjunction with the podcast that gave more information on the story, the writers, the producers, etc. I think that the writer does a good job of using several mediums. Especially choosing very technological mediums. The podcast is audio alone. This suits a very specific audience, and then they further the audience by including a blog that has multimodal videos of the audio mixed with visuals. This affects a very text based audience, they are able to read about the story, but also see the story in part come to life. The last aspect of this transmedia example is the “sub-reddit” community that is involved with this story. Reddit is an information sharing platform, it’s quite simple, but a vast amount of users are involved in it. The subreddit for Serial is massive and full of interesting rhetoric. The rhetoric involved is also massively helpful in furthering interest in the story because so many people have ideas about this story and are able to find it so readily.


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