Transmedia Storytelling Example – Amber Sandberg

While browsing for transmedia storytelling examples, I was a bit overwhelmed. There’s a lot out there. Ultimately I landed on this little gem from Sparrow Hall who is a traditional writer of short stories and novels. Mr. Hall cleverly promoted two of his short stories “Two Blue Wolves” and “Nightwork” by including the following from his web site:

  • Combined Edition Paperback
  • Two Blue Wolves & Nightwork E-Books (PDF format)
  • Two Blue Wolves Audio Book
  • Printable Artwork
  • Music Video
  • Original Music soundtracks for each story

While the jewels of the purchase seem so/so, the web site provided examples of everything, and just enough to hook you into buying the package (which I did because I’m a sucker for a good story and if you add music? I’m a transmedia author’s supreme dream.) Mr. Hall also uses his Blog, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Tumblr and others to further promote and continue his stories.

I found other transmedia stories, those that were more involved and “showy” but this one was a good fit for my example because I like written stories and liked the idea of the written story being the “home base.”


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