I Believe in- Adam Namba

I believe in that everything happens for a reason and that there is no such thing as excuses.  What I mean by this is that whatever you do in your life good or bad it happens for a reason.  You shouldn’t make up an “excuse” to say that should or shouldn’t have happened but the thing is that you did it and its your fault.  It bugs me when people bring up excuses when they couldn’t hang out when we had plans or they couldn’t do homework because the were so busy  that they had to make up and excuse.  No you found something else to do then hang out with that person and you ditched them and told them something else.  Also you probably had at least two to three hours to do your homework over the weekend that you were so busy for.  You could of lost sleep, sleep in, watch television or hang out with friends for so long.  This is a big thing I believe in because everything does happen for reason like you meet your soul mate in a weird way and you said it was and accident but everyone that you have a good relationship will have a purpose in your life.  Lastly, there are no such thing as excuses like you missed your class because you couldn’t get your lazy butt up and it wasn’t your alarm not going off enough.  I believe that this is a great way to live to.


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