This I Believe – Cassandra Goff

Principle #5 from “How to Win Friends and Influence People” by Dale Carnegie- Become a Friendlier Person – Smile.

I always loved going to my grandpas house. It was so full of love, sunshine always shone bright on the back lawn and there was always, always ice cream. Sometimes, I would sneak out onto the golf course which the backyard led to  and play in the sandpit or just walk around and enjoy the beautiful scenery. Every time I had a moment with my grandpa, he would have new information for me; whether it was a news article he found interesting, a picture and story from when he was young, a piece of writing he thought I would like or just some random fact he thought was especially special. I could always count on some new piece of knowledge when I went to grandpas house.

When it was time to leave, after hugs were exchanged, he would always tell me to make someone smile. He would be so serious about it. He would grab me by the shoulders to look me intimidatingly in the eyes for the entire time he spoke. He would never notice the little bits of spit that occasionally  hit my face like a water balloon, but I guess that’s expected when you have the privilege of elderly grandparents. “Make sure you make someone smile today.”

This eventually lead to my belief in smiles, not necessarily happiness,  not everyone is always filled with happiness all the time, but just smiles. I believe that even in the darkest of times, there’s a way to make everyone smile. That one single smile, that one instant of happiness, can make a difference in someone’s day, or even in someone’s life. Now, whenever I talk to someone, I always make an effort to make them smile at least once during our conversation. Sometimes, I have to pull out my secret weapon, which is a small smiley face tattoo on my shoulder, that little guy always brings out a smile in someone.

I believe in making someone smile, everyday.


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