What Haunts me- Adam Namba

One thing that haunts me the most is that I wont be a good father.  I think about this everyday an it always haunts me because my dad was an awesome father and we had a great relationship because of it.  I strive to be as a good as a father as my dad was too me.  I just never want to disappoint my son or daughter and give them everything they need to make their life as good or even better than mine.  It haunts me because as a son and having my dad being so great I would never want to disappoint him.  So it is kind of the same thing when I get kids I don’t ever want them not to love me or respect me because that would break my heart.  Also if my kids didn’t respect or love me then my father would be ashamed of me and that would be the worst feeling in the world.  Not being a father is on haunt that haunts me probably the most out of all of my haunts.  I just want to see my kids succeed and do well in school and have that feeling that I helped them get there.  That is what haunts Adam Namba almost everyday.


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