Life is Perfection – This I Believe – Amy Garcia

The experiences I have had in life have changed my beliefs over and over again. I feel blessed in that way because it has taught me to try and keep an open mind. Another thing it has taught me is that we all choose our beliefs and those beliefs define the way we make life choices and react to problems. Over spring break a dear friend of mine passed away. He always told me that “life is perfection.” After he passed I got this saying tattooed on the inside of my left arm.  Destiny, or a higher power is not something I truthfully believe in, but living your life as if it has a purpose is, in my opinion, is the best way to live. It reminds me of “Attitude” by Charles R. Swindoll, a quote many of us may have had to memorize in middle school.” That quote which written by a man who survived a concentration camp talks about the idea that attitude has the most impact on your happiness and success in life. To me your beliefs define what you feel makes you successful or happy. An important aspect of this belief to me is to recognize that everyone else also has a purpose and you are not more or less important that anyone else you meet that day, because their purpose is just a perfect as yours. By working hard, treating everyone equally, not holding on to the past but learning from it and taking opportunity from every situation, you give yourself the most opportunity to grow. I believe that life is perfection because I choose to believe it. I know that life always has challenges and perfection in most aspects is an unattainable goal. However, to me, holding this belief means that every challenge and every loss can bring something beautiful to your life or to others lives that you/they would never have had otherwise. It means being content, and always counting your blessings because you choose if you live your life with regret or with gratitude. If you stop, and find the beautiful things in the people in your life, the place you live and the experiences you’ve had, you can truly choose to say that life is perfection.


One thought on “Life is Perfection – This I Believe – Amy Garcia

  1. meaganmthornton April 15, 2015 / 8:29 pm

    This was a great thought. Thank you for sharing your belief! -Meagan


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