I Believe – Alexander Lewandowski

I don’t believe in very much, but I do believe in *nix, that is Unix-like software such as Unix, Linux, and to a lesser extent, OS X. I worship Tux and swear by a Bash prompt, and not a day goes by in which I haven’t opened up a terminal and thrown in a few commands. It’s been years since I’ve used Windows as my operating system, and forget offering me the tenth version for free; I wouldn’t use it even if Microsoft paid me.

All jokes aside, I strongly believe in the importance of alternative operating systems, and above all, computer choice. While Windows may work well for other people, it doesn’t work well for everyone and every situation, and it is here that there are alternatives. Need to run a supported operating system on a thin client server? Linux or Unix. Need to replace the operating system on an old laptop that cannot run a modern version of Windows? Linux or Unix. Sick of using Windows and want a slick, alternative operating system? Mac OS X, Linux or Unix.

Not to say that I hate Windows, even though any period where I have to use it for an extended basis tends to annoy me. But rather, I hate the effects that Windows has had. Most PC users have never even heard of Linux/Unix or realize there alternatives outside of the Windows ecosystem (“My PC can work without Windows?”), and this is in no small part due to Microsoft’s aggressive business practices. It’s almost impossible to buy a brand-name PC without also buying Windows for an extra $40-50 fee, and worst of all, most consumers are not even aware of the added cost. Curses, Microsoft.

In summary, I realize that this rant will likely anger more than it amuses while at the same time changing nothing, but what did you expect from a *nix nerd?


2 thoughts on “I Believe – Alexander Lewandowski

  1. meaganmthornton April 12, 2015 / 2:45 am

    I am more amused than angered. Actually, I’m not angered at all because I agree with you! – Amber Sandberg


    • meaganmthornton April 15, 2015 / 8:22 pm

      I love your first paragraph. It made me laugh and set up your piece. Great work. Looks like I need to learn more about my PC. – Meagan


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