What I believe – Steven Witkowski

I believe in ghosts…I know, it’s not a popular opinion to have these days but I have no doubt they’re real. There are so many stories about ghosts throughout history and more come up all the time on TV shows or the internet every day. It’s  enough for me to believe that they exist. All the stories can’t be made up, maybe some but not all. I was told at a young age ghost stories and even stories about old buildings on my grandpa’s farm (a stretch of property I lived very close to.) I don’t know If it was just my age or the proximity to my bedroom window but a story about a family of four being murdered, a father, mother and two little girls, in a old house on a hill that I could see from my childhood bedroom window always stuck with me. When I was a kid the old house still stood, though I never went inside because it could fall down I was told. Luckily for me my uncle built his house on that hill and that old house was gone after we moved in. I can’t lie I’ve even seen and heard young girls laughing or just walking in and outside my parents house as a young boy. I believe ghosts exist for people who were taken too early, for as long as they have someone around remembering them. The less you know about a ghost and the less you believe the less likely you are to be exposed to anything like that. It’s hard to believe I know but I was told the story from my mother when I first saw the old house as a child and later a much more gruesome rendition from my uncle who now lives on the hill outside my childhood window.I hope it’s at least a bit disturbing to you…surely it has been to me.


2 thoughts on “What I believe – Steven Witkowski

  1. meaganmthornton April 14, 2015 / 3:59 pm

    This is crazy! Really loved your perspective. I believe in ghosts, too, though I’ve never had an experience like this! – Ben Holland


    • meaganmthornton April 15, 2015 / 7:57 pm

      An interesting belief. I would have liked to have you develop out more your story because it’s compelling. -Meagan


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