Why I write – Steven Witkowski

I write to ask questions.
I write to answer questions.
I write to defend my answers.
I write to express my emotions.
I write to hide my emotions.
I write to invoke emotion in others.
I write to understand.
I write to be understood.
I write with the understanding that I’ll be misunderstood.
I write because I don’t care as long a I’m heard.
I write to help others.
I write to teach others.
I write to change my scenery.
I write to remember my past.
I write to shape my future.
I write to create something new.
I write to slow things down.
I write to think clearly.

I couldn’t pin down any one reason why it is I like to write, but this list of reasons is not even close to the size it could be. Writing to me is therapy in many ways not just for the writer but their audience as well. It captures emotions and experiences that are shared by many and allows for both parties to understand an issue better or see a different perspective.


One thought on “Why I write – Steven Witkowski

  1. meaganmthornton April 17, 2015 / 4:38 pm

    I write for all of those reasons as well and I agree that the list could just go on and on. Writing takes on so many different forms and purposes that to answer the question “Why do you write?” feels impossible. I also had a hard time pinning down just one reason…writing encompasses too much to be summed up simply. – Breanna Larson


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