Why I Write – Breanna Larson

I could probably come up with a million reasons why I write, but I couldn’t pinpoint one reason as the main one.  I will write whatever I come up with on the spot.

I write because it makes me think and organize my thoughts.  I used to keep a very in depth journal (I recently stopped because I haven’t had time) and it helped me to assess situations and come up with solutions to difficult life problems.  I was able to put all my thoughts down in writing and then come up with conclusions based on that.

I also write because it’s fun to play with words.  Writing is an art form.  Everything from poetry to essays to novels…they’ve all got a flavor and they make me feel something.  I can’t say that I always like what I write, but still I appreciate writing as an art.

I write because it forces people to listen to me.  Ok, people could just stop reading something of mine if they didn’t like it, but the good thing about writing is that nobody can interrupt or make me forget what I was going to say next!  It gives me the ability to get my point across exactly how I want to.

In order for me to remember things, whether it be book ideas of journaling life events or what have you, I need to write them down.  So many thoughts go through my head that if I don’t write the important ones down, I will forget them eventually.  I need to keep a record.

Writing gives me an escape.  It gives me the ability to vent frustrations, to go to a fictional world, to live inside my head instead of elsewhere…writing is that great escape.

That’s what I have come up with, but the list could go on and on.  I write because of all of these reasons and more.


One thought on “Why I Write – Breanna Larson

  1. meaganmthornton April 18, 2015 / 9:02 pm

    I agree with all the reasons you list for why you write. Although the one I have trouble with is “I write because it forces people to listen to me.” True they can’t interrupt or change your thoughts. But I worry about people actually reading what I write. At least before I die.

    The one I most agree with is writing as an art form. Coming from a science background, I’m used to using plain writing to convey my thoughts. But with changing to an English major (Writing minor) I can use my words to convey not only abstract thoughts but also emotions.

    – Michael S. Webster


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