Why I Write – Alexander Lewandowski

I think that for most people who consider themselves ‘writers”, thinking of exactly why they write can be a daunting task, and I am no exception. At this stage in my life, writing has become more-or-less such a given part of my daily life and identity that I never stop to ask why anymore. Artists create art, programmers program, and I, well, write.

But since I have to dig down and give a reason for what I’d do, I suppose that on the surface level, I write because it’s fun and rewarding for me. I’ve tried other forms of expression in the past to try and stay creative, but for better or worse, writing is the only one that has really stuck with me. I look back to when I really started writing around age fourteen-sixteen, when I was bored in my bedroom with nothing to do after school, and remember picking up a ruled notebook and simply beginning to write crude fiction on the paper. I can’t even remember if I still have those notebooks anymore, but whatever I started then, it’s managed to stick until now.

So while it may sound a little odd, I suppose that, above all, I write to escape boredom, and secondly, because it’s a fun and creative way to do it. I suppose that on top of that I could get poetic and say that I love the idea of creating new worlds, characters, and ideas, but while I certainly do, that is all second-fiddle to boredom and fun.


One thought on “Why I Write – Alexander Lewandowski

  1. meaganmthornton April 20, 2015 / 3:36 am

    Alex, I agree it is hard to pin down why a writer writes…I believe it has a great deal to do with self-fufilment as is the case with a lot of art. By telling stories, we leave our own mark on the cave wall and some of us just have a need to do that – to express how we view the world through our own words and above all else, to have fun telling stories and being creative. ~ Noah Bailey


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