Why I Write – Sheridan Dastrup

I write because I am told to. I write because it was explained to me that it would be one of the most important qualities that I would ever have at my disposal. I write because when I sit in a class of one hundred people, I am just a face but when I write a paper I am a voice. I write because I am silent and through paper I become a strong presence that cannot be ignored.

I am naturally a person who sits and listens. I like to think things through before responding. Sometimes this is an effective method of communication; this approach allows me to make what I say meaningful. Sometimes this isn’t effective and it leaves me silent, gaping for words. Unfortunately, since I have yet to accomplish stopping time to gather my thoughts and speak to my truest capabilities this isn’t something that is always possible in person.

Writing is like stopping time. It allows me to sit and to think. It allows me to create a fully functional argument. It allows me to make appropriate judgments rather than shooting from the hip. I write because when I feel like my voice isn’t important, a piece of writing says differently. It is something that cannot be taken away. When I write, it is my way of putting my foot down and speaking clearly. It is my way of explaining things and making sure that I am heard. I write because I am told to but most importantly I write to be heard.


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