Noah Bailey – “This I Believe”

I believe that working-class rock n’ roll musicians are worth more than they are generally given credit for. There are so many of us out there who operate a band full time in addition to working a regular job. For a lot of well respected bands, this is just how it goes these days. It is extremely hard to make a living as a touring musician / recording artist these days, even if you don’t have a family to take care of. The idea of the great ‘rockstar’ is completely a fabrication. Most rockstars these days are broke and have to tour at least 300 out of 365 days of the calendar year just to get by and maintain their finances and expenses. A common misconception is that the bigger your band gets, the more you ‘rake in’. The truth is that as your band gets bigger, so does its expenses. As the tours become larger and longer, more people have to be hired and paid a wage. What ends up going into pocket for many of the ‘bigger’ touring bands ends up equating to a typical wage of somewhere between $20,000 – $35,000 a year, if it is a good year and nothing goes wrong. For a guy like me, I am still only breaking even with my band. It pays for itself generally, but to sustain my life, home and family I have to work a regular job in addition to my music career. It is very time consuming is truly is like having two jobs a lot of the time. People also like to look at music as purely a fun hobby, but the truth is it is a ton of work if you are taking it seriously and treating your work as business. I believe musicians are worth more than what they get. Illegal downloading has made selling records a difficult game these days. So if you cannot tour and sell merchandise, it is very hard to sell records (physical or digital) and make any money. I believe musicians should be given their due and that people ought to recognize the hard work that goes into the creation of a record, by buying albums instead of stealing them online. It is just unfair that such a powerful art form doesn’t provide the means for those that create to live anymore. It definitely ought to.


One thought on “Noah Bailey – “This I Believe”

  1. meaganmthornton April 21, 2015 / 10:39 pm

    I totally agree! I think it’s tragic how musicians have to go on tour just to make money from their chosen career. I always try to buy an album instead of download it because I know they don’t make much off sales, it all comes from touring. Don’t get me wrong, I love attending concerts and really appreciate how much some of my favorite bands tour. I wish it wasn’t such a necessity for them. -Cassie Goff


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