Why I Write

Why do I write? I write out of necessity. That has several applications. I write many times because I have to. For class, for work, or anything like that. I write because I am assigned writing. That’s a very small part of why I write, however, and does not truly answer the question. I write because I enjoy it. It is a very interesting and unique way to create an artistic extension of myself. Through writing, I am able to put my thoughts down on paper on a (hopefully) coherent manner that would not be possible otherwise. Through writing, I can fully share ideas. My favorite part of writing is being able to tell stories. I like writing about events that have happened, and adventures that I have shared with my friends. I once took a fiction writing class, and was able to let my mind run wild while I created strange and fun stories that I never knew I had inside of my mind. I write because it is fun.


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