Visual Storytelling Articles

I am continually amazed at the growing power of visual storytelling in our society. Instagram is an exploding platform for social media based primarily on the visual – pictures we take and post to our feed. Here are a few great examples of visual storytelling through Instagram and other visual mediums and platforms.


Telling Stories with Sound

If you want to learn more about sound, I have posted below a few more great articles that discuss how to tell stories with sound.RADIOLAB’S JAD ABUMRAD ON STORYTELLING WITH SOUND

  • Storytelling with Sound Design:  “Here’s how you can tell if you have a good video: Mute the music—Before you add sound design, mute the music track. Is the video still engaging? If not, sound design can add the emotional punch that words and images sometimes lack.”

Facebook Is Listening

Screen Shot 2015-01-31 at 10.47.00 AM

I recently saw this article about Facebook using your phone mic to record sound and to then tag the different sounds to your status updates. Personally, the idea of Facebook listening to what is happening around me is super creepy. What do you think? Does it “remove every last bit of friction from the way we reference bits of pop culture on the social network,” as Ryan Tate of Wired noted.  Does this add a sound layer to your status update? Or is it just another invasion of privacy?