Foley and Making Your Own Sound


If you are looking for new way to spend Friday night, consider throwing yourself a Foley party. Or not. Either way, Foley sound effects are a cool way to bring life to your sound story. Check out the article Real Time Sound Effects the Foley Way

Making your own sound effects can be a cool experience. The site Epic Sound compiled a guide of how to make a huge variety of sounds on your own.


Telling Stories with Sound

If you want to learn more about sound, I have posted below a few more great articles that discuss how to tell stories with sound.RADIOLAB’S JAD ABUMRAD ON STORYTELLING WITH SOUND

  • Storytelling with Sound Design:  “Here’s how you can tell if you have a good video: Mute the music—Before you add sound design, mute the music track. Is the video still engaging? If not, sound design can add the emotional punch that words and images sometimes lack.”