Storytelling via Music Videos: Woodkid – Steven Witkowski

The story told by WOODKID in the album “Golden Age” is, in his own words, “the story of a young boy growing up.” I was introduced to one of his music videos a while ago and was impressed by the visuals he created. His story is most significant because of the fact that he produces, writes, and performs, each of the songs on the album as well as scripting the music videos associated with them. He does have other people help him but in large part he has developed every aspect of this story solely by himself. My personal favorite is track 5 and the music video plays a major role in my liking of the song. I find the art of music videos so interesting. I’ve always been a huge fan of all types of music but often I enjoy the music much more if I can relate it to visuals. Also  the story of the artists themselves has always helped me find new music and often time make me like them more or less depending on who the type of person they or the band comes off like. Anyways this post is random because I missed one and now I remember why because it was in my drafts so I thought I’d share it meow. This is not this week’s blog post!!!

Album and tracks in order of proper storytelling.